Armstrong-Kelley Park

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We offer a variety of ways for individuals or families to get involved with the Park: 

        * single and family annual membership
        * become a grower of Armstrong-Kelley Park
        * become a corporate sponsor
        * become a friend of Armstrong-Kelley Park
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Endowment to Preserve our Progress

CCHS was established in 1928 and in 1930 the land was given to us by Mrs. Templeton Kelley and Mrs. Andrew McClarey. We are indebted to these individuals as we are the Growers of Armstrong-Kelley Park. The Growers of Armstrong-Kelley Park Benefactors was unveiled as a permanent honorarium to those who help create an endowment to serve as a base for operating costs. 
The display is prominently positioned adjacent to the Gavin Memorial. With the continued support of local business and civic groups, maintenance costs can be controlled. 
Each $1,000 minimum donation will be recognized by a permanent plaque enclosed in the shadow box.

We are most grateful for these past donations to our endowment. 
Dorothy Whitely Monroe  Osterville Village Association
Townsend Hornor W. Brooks McCarty Family  
Adelheird L. Weber Mr. & Mrs. John Folk
Mr. & Mrs. John Clark Carolyn C. Rowland
Holbrook Davis  Mr. & Mrs. R. R. Stimets 
Mrs. James Glavin  The Birdsey Family 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Friberg  State Street Global Advisors 
Osterville Rotary   John Rowland Jr. & Susan R. Chollet 
Stephen Casey/Carlotta Casey Coyne Fund  E. J. Jaxtimer Family 
Geoffrey Lenk Family  Robert Grunewald Family 
Mr. & Mrs. John T Fallon, Jr.  Mr. & Mrs. Brian Dacey
Richard Egan Family  Mr. & Mrs. Warren Hansen 
Phyllis & David Cole  Dorothy E. Lally 
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Schatz  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Perkins 
Dan & Debi James The McArthur Family 
John & Natti McArthur  The Ewasiuk Fund
Chris Andreason Family Don & Susan Mykrantz 
Leonard Insurance  CCB&T Financial Services/TD BankNorth 
Nancy & Kevin O’Neil    The Chase Family

We are always grateful to our business and professional association members in the village,   many of whom have provided in-kind support of the Park.  Click here for List of Corporate Sponsors.

It goes without saying that individuals have also provided much support over the years and we like to acknowledge them as well.  Click here for List of Friends of AKP.