Armstrong-Kelley Park

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If this is your first time on our homepage, welcome! 

Our Newest Garden & Event Space

The Wedding Garden

This area includes a Weeping Alaska Cedar, Bobo Hydrangea, double-pink Knockout Roses.  It's located on the Park Green and a great place for a wedding.


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Last Year's Highlights
We had a big uptick in visitors in 2018.  And lots of folks from out of town and out of the country.  We had visitors from many European and Asian countries.  They found us here on the website.  In July, we celebrated our 90th Birthday with a award-winning parade entry, pinatas, a 1929 antique car, a historical display about our benefactors and what Osterville looked like in 1928 (thanks to the Historical Museum)  and, lastly, cake! For the occasion, we received a citation in recognition of our 90 yrs by  the Osterville Village Association.

We greatly increased our membership and there were many donors who gave us thumbs up for our green efforts and donated to the CCHS.  We had the biggest year for donations in over 10 years.  For this we are most grateful.

This year at a glance:

Dig in and Dig Deep
We asked and you answered.  In January '19, we reminded our local residents and members to consider donating to the Park at tax time.  Many of you DID JUST THAT.  Without you we'd have no Park.  Thanks. 

True enjoyment 
comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united."  Anonymous

Preview of summer exercises for body and mind at AKP:

   * Mommy and me by Robyn
Starts Tue & Fr 7/2  10:00 Hands on engagement & play
for 45 minutes.  Active
postures. $5 ea
  * Adult Yoga by Robyn
Slow, soft, relaxing poses. 
Flow energy & calmness
into your body. Mindful 
magic. Tue & Fri 11:00 $5
  * Mellow Moves by Terry 
Starts Tue 7/2 Noon
For older enthusiasts
Tues & Fri thru
August. Bring H20, light hand weights, folding chair $5
  * Sunset Stretch by Robyn
Starts Tue 7/2 6:00
Tues & Fri thru August , all ages. $5
  * Storywalk 
Sponsored with the Library
Self-guided.  Start
at Fancy's boardwalk to the fish pond. Begins
M 7/1 thru Labor
Day. Family fun. Free.
Fish, Facts & Fishtale
Thurs in July 9:00
Meet at fish pond. 
Learn about pond life.
Feed the fish, listen to 
a nature story.  $1.
Story Hour 
Sponsored by the  Library. Mon July 15th 10 & Wed
July 31 10:00 Meet in the Holly Dell. Village Librarian 
your reader of a fun hour. 3-6 yr olds. Free.
     * Flag Etiquette & hear about a hero of World War II,  General James Gavin.  Meet at the flagpole. Veterans Welcome. Sat July 20. 9:00. Free.

That's it for now.  
Deirdre Dow-Chase,

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Cape Cod Horticultural Society
Armstrong-Kelley Park 

              Where Memories Bloom Forever

Armstrong-Kelley Park at 675 Main Street in Osterville, MA is owned and operated by the Cape Cod Horticultural Society.   The CCHS is a non-profit #501 (c) (3) organization.The society was established in 1928 and the land was given by generous patrons to the society in 1930. Cape Cod’s oldest and largest (8.5 acres) privately owned park open free to the public. Leashed pets welcome.
Over its 90 + years of history, Armstrong-Kelley has been building a green-space for the residents of Osterville and the general public to enjoy. Come visit our 30 rare and unusual trees, as well as our trails, shady walkways, and specialty gardens.  There are currently 1,450+ memorial boards encircling the Park. 
Park Features include:
• Franklinia tree, virtually unknown in the wild
• 250 rhododendron
• Umbrella &big leaf magnolias, Japanese cedars, Dawn Redwood & stewartia
• A holly dell of many varieties of holly and a fringe tree 
• The John Folk Water garden and fish pond
• Wetland, Woodland, Monge, and Buddy Place  walkways with over 1,450 donated boards

• Seven hillside trails & Heather Hillside installation

• Liam’s train and Liam’s View
• Garden of verses

Buddy's Walkway & Pet Memorial Garden within Buddy's Walkway


There are picnic tables and benches scattered throughout the acreage. 

We have a special place in our hearts for children of all ages.  We love it when families come to the Park.  We are committed to making the Park kid friendly and offer educational activities throughout the year.

We are happy to allow people to reserve the park for a private function and we ask for a donation for use of the property.  If you are interested, click on "use of the park" on the left. When you reserve the park we close it to all other visitors for your exclusive use and privacy.  We can accommodate small parties up to ~100 guests. 

Pets are welcome at the Park provided they are leashed and owners provide and use pet disposal bags.  We love good dogs, not "bad ones." 

The park is open to the public from dawn to dusk throughout the year. 

Yes, that's a volunteer watering the garden.  We pride ourselves on maintaining the park, with a tiny (but necessary help) from professional gardeners.  We are a small but mighty force! However, this year we have had to contract for help.  

  Visitor Log: