Cape Cod Horticultural Society
Armstrong-Kelley Park 

              Where Memories Bloom Forever


Armstrong-Kelley Park at 675 Main Street in Osterville, MA is owned and operated by the Cape Cod Horticultural Society. The society was established in 1928 and the land was given by generous patrons to the society in 1930. Cape Cod’s oldest and largest (8.5 acres) privately owned park open free to the public. Leashed pets welcome.
Over its 85 + years of history, Armstrong-Kelley has been building a greenspace for the residents of Osterville and the general public to enjoy. Come visit our 30 rare and unusual trees, as well as our trails, shady walkways, and specialty
gardens.  There are currently 1,400+ memorial boards encircling the Park. 
Park Features include:
• Franklinia tree, virtually unknown in the wild
• 250 rhododendron
• Umbrella &big leaf magnolias, Japanese cedars, & stewartia
• A holly dell
• The John Folk Water garden
• Wetland, Woodland, Monge, and Buddy Place  walkways with over 1,400 donated boards

• Seven hillside trails & Heath Hillside

• Liam’s train and Liam’s View
• Garden of verses

Buddy's Place-Pet Memorial Garden within Buddy's Walkway


There are picnic tables and benches scattered throughout the acreage. 

We have a special place in our hearts for children of all ages.  We love it when families come to the Park.  We are committed to making the Park kid friendly and offer educational activities throughout the year.
The park is open to the public from dawn to dusk
throughout the year.  When there is a function, the park is closed for the privacy and enjoyment of the guests exclusively.


Pets are welcome at the Park provided they are leashed and owners provide and use pet disposal bags.  We love good dogs, not "bad ones." 

Armstrong-Kelley Park

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Milestone Celebrated

There are now over 1,400 memorial boards throughout the gardens.  The Woodland Walkway was full by spring 2015. 

The new boardwalk named Buddy's Walkway is now open. 

Is Buddy's Walkway just for Pets?

Some folks have asked us this.  The answer is:  No.  If you stroll the boardwalks you will already see many pets remembered among the existing boards.  The new area is no different.  The pet memorial stones are dedicated to Man's Best Friend, but the boardwalks are open to all two-legged and four-legged friends.

On another note...
There's a slight problem...

...we've encountered people picking tulipsPLEASE STOP!! This is not a public or town garden.  It is a private garden open to the public.  Please leave flowers alone so everyone can enjoy them.  Thanks. 

      Get a stone or board.


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Thank You!
To the Davis Foundation and the Rotary Club of Osterville for their recent donations to AKP.

Looking ahead:


June 29: 10-12 @ the Osterville Library and AKP for the Ready, Set, Move Campaign.  Campaign kickoff is at the Library

July 7: 4:30 Story Walk sponsored by the Osterville Library and AKP

July 16: Osterville Village Day

July 23: 10:00 Storytime in AKP sponsored by the Osterville Library and AKP
ONGOING:  Spring has sprung and so have the weeds and trees that need pruning, and perennials that need dividing.  And so it goes.  The weekly maintenance session has reverted to morning hours.  We meet every THURSDAY from 8:30 (or 9:00 for sleeping heads) and ends at 11:30 to 12ish!  You can help us anytime.  Just show up in your gardening duds!

Looking forward to June for the SPRING 2016 COMPOSTING Workshop
Learn how to turn your yard waste and vegetable scraps into black Gold, the best ever fertilizer.  Compost kit Raffle.
Details to be announced.